We have created an efficient business setting for our guests With 24-hour high-speed wireless Internet connection, excellent electronic equipment and a quiet and bright space.  

From board meeting to large-scale celebration, from corporate training to romantic wedding, we assign the right venue for our guests.

Creative event planners, imaginative space design, efficient and professional equipment installation teams and customized catering service all contribute to an unforgettable experience for all participants.


Upon arriving at the atrium of the hotel, you will be stunned by the charming lights. Sitting on the unique sofa, feeling the luxe fabric, and appreciating the graceful artworks around you - be ready to be inspired.
Holding a business cocktail party in a vibrant saloon, rhythm and melody lingering in the air, shakers in the hands of the bartender, enjoy a pleasant exchange with your partners under the dazzling lights. A champagne toast signifies that the deal is sealed.
The fire against the dark backdrop in the Baron's embraces you with an extensive range of delicacies. A sweet fragrance lingers in the air, and flavorful soup stimulates the taste buds and a sense of wonder.


The theme-trendy design, luxurious bed and linen, high-quality audio-visual entertainment and flexible office and living space, every detail reflects what matters most to the Barony's guests. Would the comfortable and quiet atmosphere give you inspiration in work, or would it remind you of wonderful moments during the meal that you just had.
With a professional gym that is open all day, an infinity swimming pool overlooking the urban landscape and a special spa for treatment, the Barony provides a full range of high-quality recreational services for our distinguished guests. After a long day of work and meeting, you lie on a comfortable reclining chair by the swimming pool which reflects the neon lights of the city. Condensation on the wall of the juice glass cools down your fingertips. A comfort of life is here and now.