Northland Group, owner of Hospitality Group , is a privately-owned company in Canada. Founded in 1963 by Mr. Bob Gagliardi, it started as a real estate and construction company. In 1966, the first SANDMAN hotel was opened to the public in Smithers, British Columbia. Today, NORTHLAND is the fastest growing hotel group in Canada. With more than 12,000 employees, its HQs are located in Vancouver and Calgary. In 2013, Hospitality Group and Barony Hotels & Resorts Worldwide were successfully reorganized and merged, and its hotel brands, Sutton Place, Sandman Signature, and Sandman, have been integrated into Barony's portfolio in the Greater China area, injecting vitality into the brand.

The Sutton Place Sutton stands for Luxury and Classic. Personalized service with attention to detail, together with the pursuit of excellence, makes our service quality forward-looking and cultured. Every Sutton Place Hotel has its unique charm, immersing explorers in the area's landscape and culture as well as food and wine.

Despite its development in different countries and cultures, Sutton always maintains its unique service concept and brand culture. Personalized services provide guests with pure luxury and enduring memories.

Sandman Signature Influenced by contemporary designs and inspired by fresh artistic ideas, Sandman chooses the most appealing sites to build its hotels. All these modern elements provide guests with a memorable sensory experience rich in Sandman's highlights. The strong cultural atmosphere and the elegant environment help capture wonderful moments around you. What Sandman offers is not only a place for living but also an attitude. This attitude will dispel the preconceived notions that you have of hotels.  Ingenious room design, wonderful lounges, unique cocktail culture, various fitness and spa facilities are available. The entire hotel becomes your exclusive private space for interactions.

Sandman Hotels & Suites Daman always adheres to the tenet of freedom and cost-effectiveness. We are committed to working out the most cost-effective hotel plans for each guest, freeing you from the hassle while leading a comfortable and pleasant life.

Sandman pays attention to the needs of its business clients and advocates an experience of freedom and leisure.  Delicious breakfast wakes you up every day. The space between the door and the bed no longer exist just  for you to have a good sleep - it is also a private space of your own.